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🔞 Hey this game contains explicit illustrations of sex, no kids thanks! 🔞

Also available on Steam!  (Buying on itch does not get you a Steam key, sorry.)

Cerise the gelbeast is the proprietress of Cherry Kisses, a charming little pink sex shop in one of Dewclaw's "amorous zones". She loves to make her customers happy, wink wink. Well, she's not really the type to wink; she'll just ask if you'd like to have sex before you go.

It's up to you to play through a week running her shop and... well, exactly what you do is up to you!

Walk around, talk to folks. Every hour you can only pick one customer to help (and possibly sleep with, complete with illustration). Some are more patient than others, so choose wisely! Or don't worry about it and just go after the easy ones. You don't have to make everyone happy.

But watch out — someone keeps trying to sneak in and ruin everyone's good times...

The game supports all the features you'd expect from any triple-D titty. I mean, title. Sorry, don't know how that happened.  Anyway:

  • Controls!  Press keys to make things happen. WASD or arrow keys, E or Z or spacebar. F11 or Alt/Cmd-Enter for fullscreen. Esc for the menu.
  • Gamepad support!  I mean you can probably guess which buttons to press.
  • Autosave!  If it crashes, you won't have to be quite so mad at me!
  • Kitten mode!  Play with delightful kittens tastefully censoring all the juicier bits of the art, so you can stream it on Twitch, or play it at all if you're averse to seeing cartoon animal genitals. The text is still disgraceful, though.
  • Sex!  Talk to characters and then do sex with them. Features a variety of genders and kinks, and is pretty upbeat throughout!
  • HD!  If you toss us a few bucks, you can get the HD version, where all the portraits and illustrations are in double resolution! Looks fantastic in fullscreen! Plus you get the art pack, so you can look at all the pictures without even playing the game I guess! What a deal, you should definitely do it!
  • Passage of time!  An hour or two to read through once, half a day to find everything. Maybe. Hard to say for sure, since I spoiled myself ahead of time by writing it all.

Originally intended for my Strawberry Jam 3, but we ran three weeks late, oops?

Check out Forbidden Flora for more porn, or Floraverse for more lore!


The builds are all 64-bit!  You probably have a 64-bit operating system by now, but if not, you can download the .love file and run it through a 32-bit build of LÖVE.


  • v2.x is the Steam release (sans achievements, of course), with a lot of bug fixes and touchups and little extra features, plus a couple new encounters.  It comes with an updated art pack.  It may still be updated — we have some ideas for adding a Saturday.
  • v1.0 is the original release, which is a bit buggier and less good.  It comes with an outdated art pack.  It's no longer updated, but I've left the price as it originally was, so people who bought this version will still have access to it.
  • The "demo" is a free version of v1.  All the artwork has been reduced to half-size, but it's otherwise fully playable.  It doesn't come with an art pack, and it's no longer updated.  If you like it, please consider buying v2!

MAC USERS: The project is unsigned, so you'll have to navigate to it directly, right-click, and "Open".  Sorry, but the only way for me to fix this is to buy an actual Mac and pay $100 for Apple to rubber-stamp the game.

LINUX USERS: If the Linux build doesn't work for you, you can always download the bare .love file and run it directly through LÖVE — it's probably in your package manager, or you can get it from the website.

The art pack contains spoilers!  You have been warned.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Cherry Kisses demo (Linux and LÖVE) 21 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses demo (OS X) 27 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses demo (Windows) 25 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses v1.0 (Linux and LÖVE) 36 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses v1.0 (OS X) 42 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses v1.0 (Windows) 39 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses v1.0 art pack 25 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (Linux) 48 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 2.1
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (OS X) 49 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 2.1
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (Windows) 47 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 2.1
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (LÖVE) 45 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 2.1
Cherry Kisses v2.1 art pack 34 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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can i only start from Tuesday or is there a way to start from wednesday or thursday


there's a way

Ah, LOVE… too bad about its backwards compatibility or lack thereof.

Is there any use in not kicking out krypto?


depends when you do it!

thanks!, decided to let them do their thing


this might be a dumb thing to ask, but can you tell me if the game features routes with non-con, dub-con or abuse of any kind (including of the non-sexual variety)? it’s just that i’d really like to play this game but all my experiences with erotic games end up with me getting triggered because rape and abuse are featured as “kinks”, and actual kink is also featured as non consensual, and devs aren’t very fond of content warnings in general. this games seems actually sex positive, but i’d thought i’d ask for content/trigger warnings anyway… i’m sorry if this is offensive. i really like this aesthetic and want to give this game a try.


You know I gotta say, it's refreshing to see someone who is respectful of another's taste in taboo. I am a bit of a fan of the genre, and I can totally understand how it could/would trigger people and can't blame people, it is messed up. But enjoying something within the realm of fiction exclusively is different, as it is UNACCEPTABLE in reality and something I could never support. But many still treat fans as depraved monsters who are better of self yeeting. So honestly, thank you. 


hi! i played through much of Cherry Kisses on steam. here's what i gathered: there is no abuse/rape within the game, and the devs actually had a word within a hidden route about certain fetishes like inflation/rubber/goo/balloon and why they're inherently a weird consensual but nonconsensual type kink. the closest i can imagine is with one character who has a denial kink which *only* happened because two other characters know him and gave the MC a thumbs up.


hey, sorry for the delay; sometimes itch doesn't email me about new comments here and i am not totally sure why??

i don't know you personally so i can't make any guarantees, but i don't think there's anything in the game i would consider generally triggering.  the protagonist feels pretty strongly about having clear expectations, and in fact the first encounter is about someone trying to navigate that.

there is a rude adolescent who gets kinda mean to you sometimes; that's about as dire as it gets, i think?

i think someone once left a thumbs-down steam review complaining that they don't need to be babysat about consent, if that tells you anything

(1 edit) (+2)

This was really cute and enjoyable. I probably haven't found everything that there is to find yet, but I did unlock all the gallery images (even the secret ones) which is good enough for me to say that I've "completed" the game.

Cerise's peppy, upbeat, and can-do attitude towards just about everyone and any problems they were having was great to see. Her apppearance in Clover and Over: Prologue is primarily what inspired me to check this game out, and I'll probably be checking out Fox Flux soon after. I'm a real sucker for cutesy lovey-dovey type stuff, and the general approach of this game towards that rather than 24/7 raunchiness made me enjoy it that much more. One neat touch I like is how you can examine all the stuff in Cerise's shop, and she has something unique to say about every single object. It really satisfied my subconscious desire to examine absolutely everything in any game I play.

Regarding the kink talk in the secret area, as well as about the themes presented by Lexy and her collar, it feels pretty nice to see someone else basically say "Why not include rules that let you enjoy kink fiction better? Why not have no consequences if you like it that way?" A lot of my personal kinks tend to come with expectations of permanence, and non-consensual depictions of said kinks are very common, but I'm not really super into either of those. I always feel like I'm 'cheating' when I try to write around those aspects with various magical and technological devices or even metaphysical explanations, but it's very refreshing to see someone else say it's fine and embrace it to the degree where they're explicitly mentioned and explained rather than handwaved offscreen.

(3 edits)

did there really need to be a plot line about psychologically abusing krypto

and in the glitch ending you say you dont like the idea of permanence but from the way it was described it seemed permanent

are you referring to the lexy ending?  i can't think of anything else offhand that sort of matches what you're saying.

i saw that as a roughly equivalent response — something bothersome and moderately inconvenient that you don't immediately know how to get rid of.  what about it elevates it to the level of abuse for you?  do you see krypto's treatment of cerise the same way?

it's nowhere near permanent; it's just a button.  lexy and i are both assuming that krypto is clever enough to figure a way out of their predicament.  i mean, at the simplest, all they need to do is ask someone else for help.

but i don't quite understand why you'd bring the dev commentary up here, anyway; that was very explicitly about kink feelings.  i didn't say characters can or should never change at all.  everyone is always changing in little permanent ways all the time.

(2 edits) (+1)
what about it elevates it to the level of abuse for you?  

i took it to be abusive and torturous based off of how lexy sadistically describes how krypto wouldn't be able to do anything about the button because the first time they try to take it off they'll be so terrified of the pink paint lexy put on the bottom that they won't be able to bring themself take it off and will be too scared of the paint being revealed to ask anyone else to help him. and that made me really uncomfortable ahahaha i spent the rest of the day i first played it having intrusive thoughts about it because it was so horrible and repugnant to me, i think its really cruel for no reason. no other way of dealing with krypto involves something that would realistically scar someone for at least the rest of their teenage years. the meanest one (excluding erasing him from existence) is just bullying them verbally until they leave.  its a weird extremely sharp escalation of a problem that realistically could have been easily solved day 1 or 2 by just letting them disassemble the vibrator they wanted for the servo in it at the desk. 


i've been mulling this over on and off the last few days

i didn't picture it the way you do when i wrote it — but if that's how you read it, then that's how you read it, and it would be poor form for me as an author to tell you how you're "supposed" to read it.

it kind of seems like i touched a sore spot, something that happened to you that feels similar?  or maybe i'm way off base there.  regardless, i'm sorry to have caused such a visceral reaction in what was supposed to be a fairly lighthearted game.


also glip asked me to post this:

hi, i asked eevee to pass this message along for me, but i am glip and i specifically had wanted to include the ending where krypto is erased from existence.
first of all, i'm sorry to hear that you ended up with intrusive thoughts over the stories involving her. i can agree that she did not get a proper resolution to some of her pain in this game, and i can see how that would leave you feeling pretty bad if you empathized with her as a character.
there are a lot of personal feelings in krypto for me, so i do empathize with her suffering to a degree. there were also personal feelings in it for me of... i have dealt, unfortunately, with minors pushing their way into adult spaces and being awful and abusive over it, listening to no one. that was quite painful to experience... but i also recall being a minor who snuck into adult spaces as well, and being difficult and insufferable at points before i understood what kind of danger i was in and the ways i was hurting others with my engagement.
my feeling of wanting to remove her from existence was partially rooted in wishing i did not have to deal with the kinds of situations i did... both when i was a kid, and when minors forced their way into my spaces and attacked me for removing them. however, i DEFINITELY can understand how it would feel painful to see her not treated kindly in multiple routes, despite her own actions. krypto unfortunately isn't the kind of character who would be satisfied by just getting the thing she wants... she has a lot of pain that makes her have trouble caring about how she is impacting others, which can make her pushy and mean. this does not mean she does not deserve understanding, however.
she is an important character to me, and the pain they go through is something i work out and work into my stories. i have been working on stories with her for a couple of years now... and i hope it brings you any comfort to know that it does matter how she is treated, to me. i am sorry that you ended up having such a bad reaction to it, and i hope that in time you are able to dismantle those intrusive thoughts and work out that pain and receive acknowledgement for it... thank you for taking the time to write and share your feelings
(2 edits)

i take most of what i said here back after reading glitchpuppet's remarks about the game in their posts on kf

sorry for uhhhh "not getting it" the first time around i suppose

oh, thanks for the update.  i'm a little curious what they said there that resonated that they didn't say here, but no need to explain if you don't want to


good game but i cant take this seriously with all the drama including the dev


(1 edit)

I just found out about it bro Im gonna SOBBB, literally 2 days after adoring the comic and game

things on the internet are often misconstrued

you can hmu (email, twitter dm, discord, whatever) if you want to ask about anything

Id love to ask some questions about what happened!

feel free!  there's a bunch of contact info on my website

I love this game sm!! I really wish there was more art for all the characters, I absolutely fell in love with Bloom.


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


This game is very delightful, with such an emphasis on consent… Love it! <3

I might be an idiot but what leads to the "something happens on Thursday" achievement  

you've gotta talk to vess on thursday

for the life of me cant work out the perfect run for Wednesday dont know if it needs to be with Alice or without either to get 100% score.

Without, you need Alice on thursday, it all has to do with how you talk to Xenon. I can't figure out how to get the "Remove Krypto" achievement and I've been playing for 8 hours

tbh have never seen Alice on Thursday looks like i still got alot to work on to get 100% and if i come across the way to get that achievement i will let u know

(3 edits)

So, getting Alice to appear on thursday is a task that requires getting the right dialogue options in Xenon's route starting on tuesday. And I just got all achievements, the remove krypto and nothing happens on thursdays were the last two. I was right in assuming that it the thursday one required removing krytpo, so I assumed it was something that had to happen before that day, when infact its a weird thing that happens on friday. It also unlocked tons of optional dialogue that I spent probably about 2 hours reading (Because I didn't sleep at all last night and was nodding out while reading), but yeah. Just glad I got everything after 11 hours of gameplay, I'm dead inside (mostly because I stayed up the entire night playing this)

dead inside sounds worth 100% this game

(1 edit)

i give up you able to shoot me your perfect game path i cant work out wed. I have the option to start on mon - wed but i just cart get it to give me Thursday. No matter what i do with Jacklyn i cant get Alice to show up on Thursday

So, choose the dialogue option to make Jackie come back on thursday, then make talking to others a priority first, make her wait before talking to her, but wait too long and she'll leave. That should help you out. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to spoil here and I doubt Eevee would like it if I just straightout gave all the answers

Hey I bought this on steam and had to do some digging about it but i absolutely LOVE the music, Do you ever plan on releasing it on spotify or something of that sort?? I would do anything for this music


https://floraverse.bandcamp.com/album/the-lonely-door Here is the album that contains those tracks! :D Apologies for such a late reply!! They're contained as bonus tracks in that album!

Okay I'm writing this for the 10th time... HOW THE *&%^ DO YOU DO KRYPTO'S ROUTE?!

(2 edits)

Im stil working on perfecting the run so it might not be the best way to do it but from what i can tell aslong as you dont fully piss krypto off and give him the item you get from talking to Ike on Wed and Thu they should be full hearts.

Aight thank you

Soooo I can't for the life of me get two missing CG (after Krypto and before Lexy (cock) in Gallery. Can u pls give me a hint, at least what characters are on those CG? ^^

Believe it or not, those are both extra Kryptos!

(1 edit)

wow, okay thank you! I'll try to get them somehow x) UPD: maybe one more hint, please? x) Krypto is a cutie btw


After several spreadsheets of day planners and relationship maps I finally got the perfect ending!
Thank you for the work you put into this game. The art is charming and the characters compelling.

I loved the insight into consent (and your commentary on it), really given me a lot to ponder.

Also the scoreboard music pumps!
I look forward to the steam release!


Thank you so much!  I know the game very much benefits from note-taking and I'm delighted that you actually made a spreadsheet  :D  (So did I!)

You must share your knowledge with me...I'm lost and need your help, brave hero.

may i have the sacred texts to perfection

Ok I have been awake for like 2 days and I still cant figure this shit out if my life depended on it lmfao, would you mind helping me out with the route path you took? If you'd be so kind...

GOD, i love the way the characters are made. The art style is adorable and i love the choices in this game. I would honestly give this game 20/20 tbh but, thanks for this beautiful game <3 I really enjoyed playing


Hey, thank you!  We're just a week away from doing an expanded release on Steam, too, if you haven't seen it in HD yet.

Oooh, I’d love to play more of the game. Thanks a lot for telling me. This game is too beautiful to NOT play! ❤️❤️

could you convert it to android

I actually spent some time trying to make an Android build after I first released it, but it was a huge pain in the ass.  Even getting the screen resolution right was a nightmare, and then converting the whole game to work with a touchscreen when it's mostly based on smallish text menus...  sorry, but I don't think I can justify the effort.  :(

No worries, but sorry to hear that its that stressful


This is by far my FAVORITE NSFW game on here! The art style is so aadorable, and I just love it! The nteractions are so cute too!
Ah, I wish the game never had to end!

Its funny because the luneko talk to me and i feel less alone.


i love your games, and im very happy that you include all body shapes.

Thank you!  Flora's pretty good for that  :)

So I beat the game with a perfect score, but I heard there was supposed to be something involving mask and such and im not sure how to get to that. Any help?

Hmmmm, strictly speaking that's an Easter egg, so it'd be weird for the author to give overt hints, but I will tell you that it's unlocked on Friday.  And a perfect score won't do it, but you already know that.

hi! im not sure on how to unlock Jackie, can anyone help? :3

Hi Excuse me the game will get the for windows 7 go to the weak computer?

(2 edits)

Im on the latest win10 version and I get this error any time I interact with something.

Uh...  hm.  The game appears to think that the voice sounds are a negative number of seconds long.  I have no idea how that's possible.

It could be a bug in LÖVE (the engine I used), and a new version was just released yesterday, so that might be worth a shot — install LÖVE 11.3 from their website, then drag the Cherry Kisses .exe onto LÖVE.  (I know that sounds weird, but that should run the game with the new engine version.)

If that doesn't help and you don't have another computer you can play it on, I don't even have a wild guess, sorry.  :(  If you bought the HD version I'll be happy to give you a refund, since obviously this makes it unplayable.

That got it working! thank you so much!


I loved this game a lot more than I thought I would! The characters were all very unique and colourful, and everyone was memorable! I just have one problem.

I am a completionist and I can not figure out how to get Toyle's last heart.

I made notes on who gets to the shop and how long they'll wait as well as the reactions they all set off when you interact with them, but I just can't seem to get Toyle to fit into my plans? If I do anything to accomodate him, I always have Claude throwing a wrench in my plans by not coming back. Any hints for Toyle? I've been staring at the only Toyle related clue for like, fourty minutes and I can't make any sense of it.

Many thanks!!

Thank you!

And, hmm.  Have you seen any other Toyle interactions?  I think he has at least three, and one of them is both easier to find and also kind of a hint.  Kind of.

The thing you have to do is a bit counter-intuitive, but (imo) matches his personality quite well.

(3 edits) (+1)

Aw, this is so charming! I really like the pleasant atmosphere of the place, and the logic puzzle of trying to figure out how to make things right for everyone throughout the week - though I can't figure out for the life of me how to make both Jacklyn and Alice happy, when I can only get one OR the other to visit the store for the delivery...

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I got it! You have to really stress someone's patience to get them to show, huh..

(Also, thank you very much for letting people start from later days after getting everything "right" on previous ones!)


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it (and figured Alice out)!

And yeah, you unlock "start from X day" if you've played through all the previous days in a way that matches the perfect-score route.  (There are also a couple other custom starts, for skipping to interesting events that can't happen along the perfect-score route...)

How do I get started?  I'm in the store, I interacted with just about everything, I can't close the shop (implied by interacting with the south door), and nothing here advances time.  Nobody is in the shop but me.  Am I missing a control?

Ah, sorry, it may be less obvious than I thought — try interacting with the counter!

(1 edit)

Can you make this more obvious in the next build of the game?  Maybe give the counter an animated exclamation point or something to draw the eye when nobody is around?

The highest score I've been able to accumulate is 44, the only 4 I'm missing is 3 from Jacklyn and 1 from Bloom. At this point all I want is the satisfaction of a full heart screen. HELP PLEASE!

It's all in the timing!


You can do it!!  Toyle is a little tricky, but there are only so many things to try...

I actually cannot fit it into the schedule, initially I thought the interaction with Bloom would also get Toyle to 3 hearts. I attempted many shifts, as Wednesday was the problem day. I tried getting Toyle to 3 first, which led to 1pm with Bloom, Claude, and KrypTAL. I could not 3 heart Bloom before as I needed to get the motor dialogue, first I tried Bloom, KrypTal, Claude but Claude left at 3pm, next I tried Bloom, Claude, KrypTal and luckily Bloom could reschedule, but Claude didn't come back and his ??? didn't come either.

How about just a teensy point in the right direction?

Doesn't it seem like Toyle's personality clashes with Cerise's, just a little?  What do you think his ideal interaction is?

(1 edit)

im super confused on how to get  krypto to like you! is it like a new game+ thing or

also does lounging benefit anything

I don't know about "like", exactly, but you can make them happy!

Lounging is helpful, yeah, since e.g. some characters will act differently in the presence of other characters.

Also, how do I even be patient with Krypto

There's no dialogue options or anything

Hint: You need the assistance of a specific person to get Krypto to l"ike" you.

(1 edit)

Theres no text? Everything else seems fine. but there is no text anywhere 

Wait what?  On what OS?  I don't understand how that's even possible; the game bundles the font it uses!

This is such a cute game! (Even if I play with all the kitties on. Thank you for not making me uncomfortable, space kitties!) I'm having a little trouble getting three hearts for some characters, like Florbet... is there any way some kind of guide could come (heh. cum.) out? Or like a kind of hint for the other characters? Sorry, I just played the game like six times and I'm still squinting at the whole thing, haha. 

Beautiful art and such cute characterization! Krypto made me laugh when I was more patient with him. He is pretty smart, though!

Thank you so much!  I'm glad kitten mode was useful for someone  :)

Here's a pretty big hint: some characters will act differently depending on who else is around!  A lot of the story branches work this way.

Deleted 1 year ago

Ah, sorry, itch didn't send me an email for this comment!

Completely blank, no error or anything?  Light blue usually means something went wrong, but then there should be an error message.  You shouldn't need any extra software, either.  Can you take a screenshot?

Deleted 1 year ago

This is...  completely baffling.  It's the same color as the error screen, so my best guess is that the error screen itself is also crashing, just from trying to print text?

All I can think to try is upgrading your video drivers?  But if you're on a very old or underpowered laptop, it might just not be able to load the game at all.

Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do from my end, sorry  :(  Unless you want to spend half a day testing out modified copies of the game until I figure it out.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, might be as simple as LÖVE wanting a more recent OpenGL version than your current laptop can handle.  Hope the new one works!  :)

I love the game and I hope to see Alice's Day Off come out one day as well.



Thank you!  I'm working on it!  :)

(1 edit)

Ugh I can't get more than 40 hearts aaaa!

Idk how I can possibly get Claud, Quill or Papaya to three hearts and it's bugging me so much. I'll keep trying but dang I'll running out of options!

Edit: I'm getting close! I can at least get Claud and his ??? secret partner, but man those last two I can't get yet!

Do you have a hint on how you get get Claude and his ??? partner? I've been trying for a week or two now in my off time, haha.

Hint: Give him a reason to come back, and maybe his partner will too.

For the other 2 

Hint: Assuming you know how to get Jaxi to full hearts, talking to a specific person can greatly change the outcome.

Hiya! Decided to toss a few bucks to get the HD version, but I'm unclear as to how Fullscreen is supposed to work. Is there a key or something I'm supposed to press? I bought the Windows HD version, for clarification. 

(1 edit)

F11 or alt-enter is fullscreen!

If it comes up surprisingly small still, you might have to go in its properties, compatibility options, and set hi-dpi mode to "application".

Also, thank you!  :)

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