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🔞 Hey this game contains explicit illustrations of sex, no kids thanks! 🔞

Cerise the gelbeast is the proprietress of Cherry Kisses, a charming little pink sex shop in one of Dewclaw's "amorous zones". She loves to make her customers happy, wink wink. Well, she's not really the type to wink; she'll just ask if you'd like to have sex before you go.

It's up to you to play through a week running her shop and... well, exactly what you do is up to you!

Walk around, talk to folks. Every hour you can only pick one customer to help (and possibly sleep with, complete with illustration). Some are more patient than others, so choose wisely! Or don't worry about it and just go after the easy ones. You don't have to make everyone happy.

But watch out — someone keeps trying to sneak in and ruin everyone's good times...

The game supports all the features you'd expect from any triple-D titty. I mean, title. Sorry, don't know how that happened.  Anyway:

  • Controls!  Press keys to make things happen. WASD or arrow keys, E or Z or spacebar. F11 or Alt/Cmd-Enter for fullscreen. Esc for the menu.
  • Gamepad support!  I mean you can probably guess which buttons to press.
  • Autosave!  If it crashes, you won't have to be quite so mad at me!
  • Kitten mode!  Play with delightful kittens tastefully censoring all the juicier bits of the art, so you can stream it on Twitch, or play it at all if you're averse to seeing cartoon animal genitals. The text is still disgraceful, though.
  • Sex!  Talk to characters and then do sex with them. Features a variety of genders and kinks, and is pretty upbeat throughout!
  • HD!  If you toss us a few bucks, you can get the HD version, where all the portraits and illustrations are in double resolution! Looks fantastic in fullscreen! Plus you get the art pack, so you can look at all the pictures without even playing the game I guess! What a deal, you should definitely do it!
  • Passage of time!  An hour or two to read through once, half a day to find everything. Maybe. Hard to say for sure, since I spoiled myself ahead of time by writing it all.

Originally intended for my Strawberry Jam 3, but we ran three weeks late, oops?

Check out Forbidden Flora for more porn, or Floraverse for more lore!

⚠️ WINDOWS USERS: If you're on Windows 10 and have a high-DPI screen, the game might scale weirdly — appearing fuzzy, or not fullscreening correctly.  I can't do anything about this, sorry!  But you can fix it by right-clicking on the exe, selecting Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and setting the high DPI scaling behavior to "Application" as shown here.  (If you installed via the itch app, you can find the exe by clicking "Show game files" on the lower right.)


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Cherry Kisses for Linux and LÖVE 21 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses for OS X 27 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses for Windows 25 MB
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses HD for Linux and LÖVE 36 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses HD for OS X 42 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses HD for Windows 39 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Version 1.0.2
Cherry Kisses art pack 25 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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I loved this game a lot more than I thought I would! The characters were all very unique and colourful, and everyone was memorable! I just have one problem.

I am a completionist and I can not figure out how to get Toyle's last heart.

I made notes on who gets to the shop and how long they'll wait as well as the reactions they all set off when you interact with them, but I just can't seem to get Toyle to fit into my plans? If I do anything to accomodate him, I always have Claude throwing a wrench in my plans by not coming back. Any hints for Toyle? I've been staring at the only Toyle related clue for like, fourty minutes and I can't make any sense of it.

Many thanks!!

Thank you!

And, hmm.  Have you seen any other Toyle interactions?  I think he has at least three, and one of them is both easier to find and also kind of a hint.  Kind of.

The thing you have to do is a bit counter-intuitive, but (imo) matches his personality quite well.

(3 edits) (+1)

Aw, this is so charming! I really like the pleasant atmosphere of the place, and the logic puzzle of trying to figure out how to make things right for everyone throughout the week - though I can't figure out for the life of me how to make both Jacklyn and Alice happy, when I can only get one OR the other to visit the store for the delivery...

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I got it! You have to really stress someone's patience to get them to show, huh..

(Also, thank you very much for letting people start from later days after getting everything "right" on previous ones!)


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it (and figured Alice out)!

And yeah, you unlock "start from X day" if you've played through all the previous days in a way that matches the perfect-score route.  (There are also a couple other custom starts, for skipping to interesting events that can't happen along the perfect-score route...)

How do I get started?  I'm in the store, I interacted with just about everything, I can't close the shop (implied by interacting with the south door), and nothing here advances time.  Nobody is in the shop but me.  Am I missing a control?

Ah, sorry, it may be less obvious than I thought — try interacting with the counter!

(1 edit)

Can you make this more obvious in the next build of the game?  Maybe give the counter an animated exclamation point or something to draw the eye when nobody is around?

The highest score I've been able to accumulate is 44, the only 4 I'm missing is 3 from Jacklyn and 1 from Bloom. At this point all I want is the satisfaction of a full heart screen. HELP PLEASE!

It's all in the timing!


You can do it!!  Toyle is a little tricky, but there are only so many things to try...

I actually cannot fit it into the schedule, initially I thought the interaction with Bloom would also get Toyle to 3 hearts. I attempted many shifts, as Wednesday was the problem day. I tried getting Toyle to 3 first, which led to 1pm with Bloom, Claude, and KrypTAL. I could not 3 heart Bloom before as I needed to get the motor dialogue, first I tried Bloom, KrypTal, Claude but Claude left at 3pm, next I tried Bloom, Claude, KrypTal and luckily Bloom could reschedule, but Claude didn't come back and his ??? didn't come either.

How about just a teensy point in the right direction?

Doesn't it seem like Toyle's personality clashes with Cerise's, just a little?  What do you think his ideal interaction is?

(1 edit)

im super confused on how to get  krypto to like you! is it like a new game+ thing or

also does lounging benefit anything

I don't know about "like", exactly, but you can make them happy!

Lounging is helpful, yeah, since e.g. some characters will act differently in the presence of other characters.

Also, how do I even be patient with Krypto

There's no dialogue options or anything

Hint: You need the assistance of a specific person to get Krypto to l"ike" you.

(1 edit)

Theres no text? Everything else seems fine. but there is no text anywhere 

Wait what?  On what OS?  I don't understand how that's even possible; the game bundles the font it uses!

This is such a cute game! (Even if I play with all the kitties on. Thank you for not making me uncomfortable, space kitties!) I'm having a little trouble getting three hearts for some characters, like Florbet... is there any way some kind of guide could come (heh. cum.) out? Or like a kind of hint for the other characters? Sorry, I just played the game like six times and I'm still squinting at the whole thing, haha. 

Beautiful art and such cute characterization! Krypto made me laugh when I was more patient with him. He is pretty smart, though!

Thank you so much!  I'm glad kitten mode was useful for someone  :)

Here's a pretty big hint: some characters will act differently depending on who else is around!  A lot of the story branches work this way.

Hi, i'm have trouble luanching the game? It just gives me a window in a  light blue color the supposed to be the game but no matter who long i wait or what buttons i hit, it stays blank? Ive never played a game developed on LOVE before so idk if i need supplimental software or not? I tried redownloading the game and still am having the same problem. im on windows7 if thats crucial info. Id appreciate any help thanks! xoxo

Ah, sorry, itch didn't send me an email for this comment!

Completely blank, no error or anything?  Light blue usually means something went wrong, but then there should be an error message.  You shouldn't need any extra software, either.  Can you take a screenshot?

Thanks for getting back with me. Yea, here's a screenshot.

This is...  completely baffling.  It's the same color as the error screen, so my best guess is that the error screen itself is also crashing, just from trying to print text?

All I can think to try is upgrading your video drivers?  But if you're on a very old or underpowered laptop, it might just not be able to load the game at all.

Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do from my end, sorry  :(  Unless you want to spend half a day testing out modified copies of the game until I figure it out.


Nah, that's alright but thanks ^.^ I'll be upgrading my laptop for school soon anyways so i can always just come back to this game. I've tried other games made by the Love engine and the same thing happens so i think there's just something about the games made on that engine in general that my computer just cant handle for whatever reason. But thanks so much for the assistance! xoxo

Yeah, might be as simple as LÖVE wanting a more recent OpenGL version than your current laptop can handle.  Hope the new one works!  :)


think you can upload sprites of the characters? they're so cool and cute aaahh

I love the game and I hope to see Alice's Day Off come out one day as well.



Thank you!  I'm working on it!  :)

(1 edit)

Ugh I can't get more than 40 hearts aaaa!

Idk how I can possibly get Claud, Quill or Papaya to three hearts and it's bugging me so much. I'll keep trying but dang I'll running out of options!

Edit: I'm getting close! I can at least get Claud and his ??? secret partner, but man those last two I can't get yet!

Do you have a hint on how you get get Claude and his ??? partner? I've been trying for a week or two now in my off time, haha.

Hint: Give him a reason to come back, and maybe his partner will too.

For the other 2 

Hint: Assuming you know how to get Jaxi to full hearts, talking to a specific person can greatly change the outcome.

Hiya! Decided to toss a few bucks to get the HD version, but I'm unclear as to how Fullscreen is supposed to work. Is there a key or something I'm supposed to press? I bought the Windows HD version, for clarification. 

(1 edit)

F11 or alt-enter is fullscreen!

If it comes up surprisingly small still, you might have to go in its properties, compatibility options, and set hi-dpi mode to "application".

Also, thank you!  :)

Hi! super cute game! I love it! I think I found a hole in the logic one time. I decided to ignore Krypto this time, and didn't talk to him on Monday at all, but on Tuesday the game forced a conversation by putting him at the desk and acted like we had talked before, referencing it.  I guess you aren't supposed to be able to get out of that first conversation on Monday? Well, you can, by lounging until he's at the desk and then talking to Vess instead.

Ah, yeah, I originally wrote the Tuesday dialogue before Vess was in the game, so ignoring Krypto was impossible.  Oops!

Thanks for letting me know, and I'm glad you like it!  :)

Is it possible to get full hearts on everyone in one playthrough?

It can be done, yes!

(1 edit) (+1)

So... I just finished the game, I loved it! So i decided I wanted to pass my feedback onwards regarding both what I think It worked and what didn't work.(sorry for the english btw, not my first language).

Things I loved:

The characterization of each charachter is amazing! I've know some of this characters for years and They act just like they would anywhere else.

The art Style is amazing, both the hand- drawn and the sprites are lovely.

The mechanic of time slots filling a big week is really entertaing and makes up for a lot of replayability.

Papaya is bae.

Really funny dialogue and well written mini arc.

Some problems I had:

Full screens leaves a big gap in the game, So I think it could expand a bit more.

Some crashes in the Windows Version. 

The lack of a gallery mode is kind of a bummer, but no harm in the lack of it.

The movement feels a bit cluncky at times.

Some dialogue options are a bit unintuitive.

Overall, I think it was a great little project, loved every second of playing it and hope you keep it up! :)

-Sincerely, a fan

Ps: In which archive is the save located? I want to know so I can pass my progress fowards whenever a new version comes out.

Thank you so much!

The game should scale up to 2× on a 1080p screen, but I've seen that not happen for one or two people and I'm not sure why.

I put out a new version a couple hours ago that hopefully fixed the crashes!

The art pack is gallery mode!  :)

That's interesting about the movement; is the problem with actually walking around, or do you feel like you bump into things too much?

And the save file is stored in appdata or somewhere, so every version of the game (including HD vs not) will share the same save file.

When I mentioned the movement, yeah, I meant that I bumped a bit too much in stuff, thanks for your answer tho <3

(1 edit)

i think that i know why: the game is 832x448 which when you multiply it by 2, it will turn as 1664x896, hence why it does have a gap when using F11 if you want to go as 1920x1080, you will probably need to use 960x540 be aware there will have a gap on the height which it's about 46px for the top and bottom. but i suppose it's probably not what you attended with the original size of your sprites...by the way, doing math with HD resolution can be a bitch sometime...

edit: i think i know why, it might be in the conf file which your game have the resolution of 832x448.

Oh, if the problem is just that there's still a border when scaling up on 1080p, then that's deliberate.  It gives a little wiggle room, so the game can still scale up on slightly smaller screen sizes like 1680×1050 (which I had until very recently).

mae sense, just wondering: did you created 2 versions of same game, right? one is the low version while the second use the HD, it's possible that you had mixed them up?

That just affects the base size of the illustrations, not the size of the game.  Just double-checked and they fullscreen identically for me, and the assets are right.

fantastic game, i look forward to speedrunning it

hmmm I think I'm missing something ... for the one ??? i haven't seen yet, is there something different you have to do on the first day that isn't "optimal" hearts-wise? i dont want to ask for a walkthrough here but I need a hint to figure this out, cause I think I have the highest hearts route and I don't know what to change to get the other interactions

(1 edit)

I think the first day is pretty straightforward, with no counterintuitive choices?  And there'd be a sign if you'd done it optimally.

maybe.... is there more than two "forks" from day 2? im really not figuring out what I'm missing

There are several ways day 2 can go, yes...

Loving it so far! My only problem is that I have experienced some game crashes...

(1 edit)

Sorry!  I think there's a crash in the audio engine, only for some people and only on Windows, which I can't really do much about.  :(

think this should be fixed now?