2.1 — Steam parity

Remember how I said the game was coming to Steam, but I'd update it on Itch sometime too?  Well, I done that.

The changes are the same as I listed before (except there are no Steam achievements); the only new things added recently are some small bugfixes, which aren't very interesting since most of them only affected the Steam release anyway.

I did raise the price from $3 to $5 to reflect the additional time we've spent on this, growing it from a jam game to a thing we are actually selling, but I left the old v1 copy up so folks who bought it will still own it.  I'd prefer to scrap v1 and automatically "upgrade" everyone who bought it to v2, but I don't think itch has a way to do that; sorry  :(

If you'd like a free upgrade, email me and I can probably give it to you by hand??  Or just pay another two dollars.  Does that work, can you pay the difference?  I have no idea!  Please let me know if you find out.

Also, I joined the itch summer sale!  So now the game is even cheaper, which balances out making it more expensive!


Cherry Kisses v2.1 (Linux) 48 MB
Version 2.1 Jun 25, 2020
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (OS X) 49 MB
Version 2.1 Jun 25, 2020
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (Windows) 47 MB
Version 2.1 Jun 25, 2020
Cherry Kisses v2.1 (LÖVE) 45 MB
Version 2.1 Jun 25, 2020

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