Coming to Steam!

Cherry Kisses is, miraculously, coming to Steam!  It releases on April 23 — one year after the last update — and we made a trailer for it and everything!

New stuff includes:

  • Character profiles, including...  some sort of indication of who shows up when, maybe?  I don't know, I'm still scrambling to figure it out, help this game is so complicated you have no idea
  • A bunch of new illustrations, cleverly added in a way that doesn't interfere with the very tangled plot
  • Vast expansion of [spoilers]
  • An options menu, wow!
  • Achievements and whatnot so all your friends can see how devoted you are to this weird fuck game
  • Maybe a couple more hints to make the perfect route easier to find, we'll see

We've talked about it and we will definitely update the itch version, but not immediately.  I know that sucks, sorry, but: this is our first foray into Steam, and we want to try to get a foothold, and from what I hear Steam's exposure is really sensitive to early sales...  meanwhile, a low-res version of the game is free over here, so updating it right away would kinda be shooting ourselves in the foot.  Especially since less than 2% of people who downloaded it actually bought it.

On the other hand, if you enjoyed the game but never got the HD version, maybe now is a good time to wishlist it on Steam?  The full-size art looks so much better, I promise!

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Does the game come out today?

Thank you.

I already have your game here and I will buy it again for support!!!

I hope one day see Alice's Day Off full release as well.

Cheers and good luck!!!

Thank you!  And ADO's definitely still on the list, don't worry!