Under Construction

Under Construction is the first game I seriously published. It's a short and minimal little platformer set in the Flora universe.

I wrote the code; my partner Glip provided the concept, art, music, and map. (So, all the real work.) We put it together over the course of a few weeks in the spring of 2016 using the PICO-8 fantasy console.

Arrow keys move. Up jumps. (Sorry.) X restarts from the beginning.

If you own "a" PICO-8, you can also find it in the game browser.

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I enjoyed this a lot! Got stuck on what I think was the third song, the mood and the careful tiling are super-smart and expressive.

The game is sinister and interesting, but the perspective of the backgrounds is somewhat misleading. Makes it seem like an obstacle, really can be crossed without problems (it's an advantage at the same time), And what looks like a set, is the truth a trap.