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it pops up an error message "Failed loading file 'index.pck' "

Once I figured out how to actually manipulate the levers, I finally managed to get through the entire thing. I would really love to see this finished up and completed, though. It was a pleasure for even the short play-through that I had!


thank you!  and yeah it could definitely use any kind of learning curve, haha, but i ran with what i had

Thank you for providing us with what you could despite being bed-riddled with the flu for half of the jam! I still want to see what more Rogue Ike has in store for us in the future!

I'm not a big fan of platformers but this was a lot of fun! I especially loved the use of the smoke breath to clear out some switches and the flame head was fun to use on the crates, beautiful aesthetic for the crates disintegrating!

Kinda slidy movement but it works well and does add to the difficulty.

Over all nicely done!

yes, I like this concept, please do more!

You are right, it is a good concept.  Good luck keeping up the work.

I want to collect all of ike's parts, its just so fun! Please continue to make it!!

Interesting... I like it. I could definitely see myself playing the heck out of a polished up version

I enjoyed playing this, would definitely play an expanded version for sure.

Needs a bit more damping to stop moving quicker when I let go of the arrow keys, since I kept sliding around and falling off while platforming haha.


a future powerup will be little rubber booties so he can stop more easily

That works too ^^


noice! hope to see this expanded upon

Congrats on making something with Godot! Was an interesting game. It worked on Dvorak, but only because it didn't need a lot of quick switching between different moves.


ah, so it does go by actual letters, not by keyboard position?  damn that's a shame, i'll have to look into fixing that


It’s going to be fixed on the master branch soon, but it sucks that it’s not in the stable version already.


oh this is great to see, thanks for letting me know!

You’re welcome, I’m glad to spread the good news :b

It’s already merged on the master branch but sadly 4.0 is a long way from release so it’s not really useful to us now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well, at least under Linux. No idea under windows.


definitely want to see this expanded upon!!