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The Plutonia Experiment is renowned for its inspired level design, monster selection, and monster placement.  Tragically, nothing else in the last 20 years has come anywhere near replicating the experience.

Well, except Plutonia 2, I guess.

Anyway, now you can get the full Plutonia experience with any Doom map!  Works with Doom II or Final Doom — and even Ultimate Doom maps, as long as you're using a wadsmooshed wad that includes Doom II assets!

Give it a try!

Note: I haven't tried this myself and it's probably very bad, but please let me know how it plays

CategoryGame mod
Release date Jul 28, 2019
Tags3D, Doom, FPS, Retro, zdoom
Code licenseMIT License


plutmode.pk3 1 kB

Install instructions

Requires GZDoom.

Drag plutmode.pk3 onto (G)ZDoom, or pass it on the command line with -file plutmode.pk3.


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awesome addition to any good DOOM playthrough. tried it with eviternity.wad and got my ass kicked. 10/10