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Oh, no! Angels are pouring down from space, interfering with the creative process and also threatening to burst through this strange door...

Better get out your fish gun and lend a hand!

Short platformer done in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 38 Jam! The theme was "small world", so here's a game that takes place on a small world. I'd always wanted to try something like this — an actual round world that also wraps around physically. I'm really pleased with how it came out! Also I never want to do trigonometry every again.

Starring the artistic, musical, storytelling, character design, and myriad other talents of glitchedpuppet, without whom this game would just be a tech demo with a recycled sprite wandering around a slightly lumpy circle.

Set in Flora. Somewhere.

Works with keyboard or gamepad. The controls are right on the title screen this time.

Linux users, be sure you have LÖVE 0.10.2!

Soundtrack on Bandcamp

Source code on GitHub

Ludum Dare submission on Ludum Dare


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Lunar Depot 38 bare LÖVE file (← Linux) 10 MB
Version 0.4
Lunar Depot 38 for OS X 15 MB
Version 0.4
Lunar Depot 38 for Windows 13 MB
Version 0.4

Development log


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wow that music is awesome.


hey thanks!  on glip's behalf haha




oh cool, thanks for playing, and recording!  :)

Introduction to the game!

Hey! I had a toooon of fun with this little gem! I know you made it over a year ago, but I still thought it was an adorable little game! 

super cute

What a strange game. I like it!


So I played this game and loved it! Super cute and fun!

Ah, thank you!

The bar turns black and stops filling while the mural is being attacked, by the way; meant to make that clearer but was basically out of time.  You lose if the door falls, but you can't win if the mural isn't being painted.

If you ever give it another play: try talking to Anise.  :)

That makes sense! I get having a time constraint. There are a lot of things that aren't as important as just getting the game working and out lol. I'll definitely be playing again! It was super cute and really good for a small project :)


Great work, I enjoy the intro

can i do anything i want like make your own imagination that will cool and creative too it will be best

Great game as always! You and Glip do great work togheter.

so cute!