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incredible game.

good story, great message, a powerful meaning, and nice pixel art in it.

our hero walks a stoic path and discovers that one should never give up, no matter what strikes down your sand castle...

a superb game, keep up the good work and make more games like this!

I love this, it’s got a great message :)


this was so nice, thank you for this game!


Beautiful. The music, the story, the idea.

I love this, like, probably too much

thank you!

Good job! I also really enjoyed the music

Great message, when life gets you down you can always start anew. <3

these are the only kind of games i play anymore.. can we have the music track? good work music

try, try again...and again...and again...and again

wont be hard this time around, right?


the footprints and artistic choices are so smart! also i love the color schemes  combined with the music. 

Thank you for this game.

This is a nice game! I love the artstyle (especially the footprints).


I like to footprints in the sand!


great game! I like the exchange of dialogue when making the sandcastles


Goddamn kids get your volleyball off my castle!!!


wow! this was really great. 🏰


this felt like a complete game to me, thank you for making it


How artists always 

Seem to capture their own life

A delicate art


Oh, this is very cute ! Very sweet message. The music feels a bit out of place, but does emphasise the melancholy and bittersweetness. Thank you !